Server rules

Find the rules of our server on this page

General Server Rules

  • §1 Don't be an idiot!
  • §2 Insults that are too harsh and extremist content are prohibited.
  • §3 Combatlog is prohibited (5 minutes after the last contact).
  • §4 Nicknames may not be adopted from other players.
  • §5 Cheating, duping, bug using and 3 programs that change the game are prohibited!
  • §6 Multi accounts are not allowed! (1 account per player).
  • §7 There is only auto support if there is video evidence of the situation. (Driving errors are excluded).
  • §8 There may only be 1 vehicle in the base, the rest must be parked at the trader.
  • §9 Stream sniping is prohibited on our servers.
  • §10 Advertising for other servers is prohibited.
  • §11 A player who pretends to be a team member can get a permanent ban.

Base Building

  • §1 To get support during a raid, screenshots of the base must be available where you can see all sides, and the inventory of the tents, weapon racks, etc.
  • §2 You cannot build in spawn areas, around the military, around Mooshine or around Trader.
  • §3 In and on buildings with military loot as well as the fire brigade, the police, the hospital and the prison, construction is not permitted.
  • §4 It is forbidden to build a base that has more than 5 floors.
  • §5 A maximum of 1 wall may be built on roofs (these may also be built with a roof).
  • §6 Watchtowers may not be more than 5 stories high and may not be built on roofs or buildings.
  • §7 SkyBases are not allowed (a maximum of 4 floors may protrude in each direction, from the foundation that is placed on the floor).
  • §8 Walls, watchtowers, tents and other objects must touch the ground.
  • §9 Tents may not look more than 50% out of the base or out of a building.
  • §10 It is not allowed to build a tent entrance directly with a gate.
  • §11 Asphalted and concreted roads must not be obstructed.
  • §12 There must be no base that has a direct view of the trader, as soon as a player is killed from such a base, if the trader has a direct view of the trader, this base is deleted! Camping in bases close to traders is also prohibited!
  • §13 Concrete mixers may not be built up.
  • §14 Wells may not be built up.
  • §15 It is forbidden to build a base to be able to camp another base.

Base Raid

  • §1 Every raider needs video evidence of how he got into the base (to rule out misunderstandings)!
  • §2 The use of glitches to get into a base is forbidden.
  • §3 It is forbidden to dismantle one wall with another wall, roof or other fixed object.
  • §4 Items must not be stacked on top of each other in order to get up (max 1 item).
  • §5 Items have to touch the ground.
  • §6 Human ladders and watchtowers are allowed, but they may not be more than 5 stories high and not be built on roofs.
  • §7 Taking over a base is allowed if you have access to all rooms.
  • §8 Construction errors may be exploited - walls that were incorrectly placed may be dismantled.
  • §9 The entrances of a base may not be blocked.
  • §10 The stepladder, roofs, floors and simple base elements may not be used for raiding.
  • §11 It is forbidden to dismantle a watchtower from the outside.
  • §12 It is forbidden to use animations for raiding.
  • §13 It is not allowed to crawl under a base or to bend through the floors.
  • §14 It is allowed to crawl into a base through windows.
  • §15 It is forbidden to log out directly next to a base in order to raid it (at least 50 meters away).
  • §16 It is allowed to raid with a helicopter.


  • §1 Safezone camping as well as mocking and tracking from the safezone is prohibited.
  • §2 The intentional blocking of traders is prohibited.
  • §3 The megaphone may not be used in the safe zone.
  • §4 Playing music is prohibited in the safe zone.
  • §5 Stealing items is prohibited in the safe zone.
  • §6 Unauthorized entry into a vehicle is prohibited.
  • §7 Placing mines, bear traps and tripping hazards within 1.5 km of traders is prohibited. Bases in this radius are excluded. Positioning is permitted within a radius of 50m around the base.
  • §8 TVehicles may not be parked in the safe zone. (Parking: park the car, leave the safe zone or log out in the safe zone).

The DBM team can make changes to the rules at any time. A rule change comes into effect immediately after publication.