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History 2019-2021

  • DeutscheBohrmaschine was founded in 2019 by Krypton91 a passionate DayZ player! Before everything started, I played dayz myself and was always out and about with my clan as a PVP player. Suddenly we got the idea to open our own server, we thought about a good name for hours, and then a colleague called him a drill, because I always said I'll kill you with my drill in DayZ (We were always at the construction site at NWA PVP games). I had very little experience in programming and server technology, so I only spent months learning these characteristics, I then pulled it off and grew together with the server on May 29, 2020 I released the first mod, and there we got an extreme increase in players that we quickly needed a second server! More and more players came and more and more, until I fell into a frenzy and the players could no longer act because we were too small a team, in 2021 we got a very good increase in the team! Yes this is our story!